The Instrutex - Engineering and Services Ltd., is a young company in the market, however relying on its founders with extensive experience in various areas of activity that are the genesis of its creation.


Result of our extensive curriculum and the whole experience, priority was investing heavily in human and material resources in order to deliver service excellence with innovative, breaking a too rigid tradition of market operation.


We want to keep, and above all value, the partnership relationships we have with our clients, which allow the constant evolution of systems, as well as an investment in new services, with full economic viability, even in areas traditionally costly in terms market.


Strongly favor the adherence to new technologies in order to achieve greater service flexibility, with response times to the height of the most demanding needs of our customers.


The set of activities and resources applied to the systems and equipment of our partners, aims to ensure the continuity of their functions within the parameters of quality, availability and appropriate costs.


It is very important for us to maintain satisfaction in the quality of our services as well, and with the desire to fulfill, always keeping our innovative spirit, we thank all our customers for your confidence in our services.


Instrutex - A trusted partner.